Sunday, December 20, 2009

The UK TEFL Blacklist - Can you possibly ignore it?!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, straights and gays - here is my gift to you for Christmas! OK, it may well not be brand spanking shiny new, but it IS very useful indeed. And, although its presence may be better suited to Easter than Christmas, I don't think you'll object too much about the asynchronous nature of ...

In fact, it was about a year ago that the original TEFL Blacklist went into suspended animation, for reasons known only to its author, who had picked up the flagging reins of authorship from Yours Truly a couple of years before. Despite all my efforts to get in touch with him/her, the resulting silence has shed no further light on his/her whereabouts. In short, it's all very suspicious, and I just hope that Inspector Hammered of The Lard is basking in sunlight and freedom, and not languishing in the darkness of some filthy rotten jail in Caracas or downtown Kingston, Jamaica. Or Chipping Norton, indeed.

And remember, dear undervalued UK Tefler, it's there to serve you and your purposes, so make sure you supply the new Inspector, namely Inspector Drake of Section 6 (see piccy alongside), with all the stories of despicable Directors of Studies and bent bosses that you can muster. I'll be doing a bit of digging myself, on Dave's ESL Cafe for instance, but the blog will depend greatly on the activities of the distinguished Tefl community for its continued existence, its raison d'etre, and its capacity to scare the fuggin' daylights out of the enemy.

So, get to it!


Paul Owe said...

How about Communicaid in London - poxy bunch of timewasters.

The Debt Collector said...

Damn right too. I've had dealings with them, and none too good it was. Who has some shit to spread on them? Come on - it can't be that difficult!


Unleash the details, we shall await and overcome the dark lords ;-)

Happy Chrimbo Sandy, and have a lovely new year.

See you soon - cream pages??? -


Paul Owe said...

Communicaid are a bunch of fucking cunts.
Sign up with them and you get 10 weirdo emails a day on topics ranging from 'personal decoration policy' (ie 'our tutors musn't wear nose rings or studs while teaching') to retirement speeches from geriatric fuckers who think they're global CEOs because they sunk a bit of dole money into this shitty little agency a few years ago. And you'll get endless spam invitations to 'tutor parties' at obscure locations in the East End, invites which become quite menacing if you don't respond.

Do NOT download any templates or programmes they send you, without a proper virus scan first.

All the staff have pervy Eurotrash names such as 'Karl Maximo' and 'Lou Bricante' - either they're taking the piss or they employ a team of failed Belgian porn stars. Fuck only knows what goes on at those tutor parties.

And don't get too excited about being paid, either - you need a degree in programming to submit invoices through their 'tutor portal' (sounds fucking weird in itself) and their National Insurance codes have been imported from the planet Thrugg by way of Bolivia and downtown Jakarta.

But don't take my word for it - if you're in London, sign up with these demented tossers and see what happens.

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Looks like a good one for starters, that does. So, Communicaid it is then.

I'll get the posting up a.s.a.p., and send them an e-mail to let them know they've had the honour of being first. I'm sure they'll be SO excited!


give me back my money

Paul Owe said...

You too, eh?

The TEFL Tradesman said...

They're all over the place, mate. PL owes money here, money there, money fuggin' everywhere...

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