Saturday, August 30, 2014

Would YOU work for 20K in London?

Well, would you? If you’re an EFL teacher you’d probably have to, but did you also know that – even as a Diploma-qualified Tefler with the following attributes, you may well have to!

• Experience of delivering examination classes ( FCE/CAE/CPE/IELTS) 
 • Experience of working in multilingual classroom 
 • Experience with continuous assessment, adapting lessons to meet individual needs, giving tutorials and setting learning goals 
 • Proficiency in time management and record keeping 
 • Can demonstrate a strong commitment to own CPD 
 • Confident with using IT in the classroom including IWBs
 • Flexibility and cultural awareness

Yes, step forward the Wimbledon School of English for advertising such a demanding job with so little reward!

I’m rather surprised, and not a little disappointed, that despite this very same school having won the highest of all possible marks in its recent British Council inspection, it’s still offering shit salaries for Dip teachers with oodles of experience.

 What’s worse, the ad makes no mention of how many of hours of classroom capers you’ll have to put in before they cough up that mighty 385 quid every week. If it’s around the 25 mark, that means you’ll be in effect working for something like a pisspoor 15 quid an hour!

Mind you, they do offer a free lunch. Whether you’re allowed a doggy-bag to help prevent yourself from starving to death on their shit salary is not clear, however. 

 Care to comment on that, Fiona Dunlop and Jane Dancaster?