Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Evil Dr Kim, Internet Stalker and Drug-crazed TEFL Shaman

It gives me no pleasure to admit that this very blog has been attacked by an internet stalker and charlatan of an extremely merciless nature. Those of you who have been awake for long enough over the past few days, will have undoubtedly noticed the malevolent, brooding presence of a viciously satirical and condescending poster on the Laughing Coyote blog-posting of January 8th.

Well, after exhaustive enquiries, and the promise of a sack load of juicy dog-bones for the Korean internet authorities, I can reveal that the vandalism has been the handiwork of none other than Dr Kim Min Su, that irrepressible mongrel muncher and squinty-eyed peddler of alternative TEFL techniques. Take a good look at his photo above, and burn the image deep into one of your remaining brain cells. Here I am happy to expose the Asian charlatan, in one of the rare existing photographs of the founder of the 'Ganja, Grammar and Giggles' method, as he tucks into a bowl or two of his favourite Korean canine cuisine, sheepdog soup followed by poodle with noodles.

Meanwhile, have a look below at the sort of tripe he peddles, to unsuspecting and gullible TEFL academics and practitioners and their groupies. Shame on him - and you!!

The Institute of Visionary Language Art and Design

Reconsidering Ganja, Grammar and Giggles
A lecture by Dr Kim Min Su
IVLAD auditorium

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) visionary Dr. Kim Min Su will be giving a special lecture presenting his controversial research project, Ganja, Grammar and Giggles. Dr. Kim will present his findings that the rate of language acquisition can accelerate by more than 25% for smoker-tokers, compared to non-smoking learners.

Highlights of the lecture will include an overview showing that smoking marijuana considerably lowers both the affective—and the affected—filter, of both EFL students and staff. His research also indicated that an additional 7% can be acquired if the learners smoke via a bong, versus other paraphernalia.

As a result, Kim calls for all English teachers internationally to immediately "light up—and pass the wealth to your students."

A forthcoming book detailing this innovative research will be published by IVLAD in fall 2006.

So, you have been warned! Beware the evil machinations of this TEFL poseur and lover of medium-rare Bonzo-burgers!! Otherwise, you'll end up producing English like this...

Development of moral attitudes and values of professional responsibility, accountability, and effectiveness. Students will produce planning sheets before the factories of industrialization. Even when all the rest of his life for enjoyment. The finished piece is shown at left.



KMS said...

Thank you for free advertising! We get 7 new students this morning and 2 new teachers call us!

Email again is drkimminsu-ivladii@hotmail.com

That foto not me though, Sandy know. You know that bulldog below? He look delicious, like big chicken, maybe turkey.

Coyote not me. Maybe Regina.

Website not from us! Hijacker! Still no time new site make. We busy spending EU money!

We name child after you. You are pyscho!

KMS said...

Sandy, my new PA Fiona not like posting. She say it like Daily Male. Not good for research, she say. (She not like you. She says she from Schotland and study at Edinboro?) She look in accounting and if you take down Evil Dr Kim, we can offer you research fee for week at ivladii. EU money, so only 142.30 euros/hour. What hotel you like? You see SSMethod in person and meet Sandy Kim. Candy is in California for two months, but Regina is here. (She no like you either, but I you protect.)

What you say?

Sandy's Maid said...

Sandy no say nothing. He go to pub and bury face in pint mug. Very sad! You no good man, Mr Kim. You make Sandy very upset. He come your house and clip your balls soon.

KMS said...

Maid, where you from? What is your name? Is Sandy good boss? How big apratment? Marble floors, fountains. statue and water view? Why he NOT teaching and in school today--is he manager now?

We offer special price for password of tefltrademan. But not van EU money.

The TEFL Tradesman said...

That little slapper! I've told her not to use the computer when I'm meditating.

Anyway, I've given her the sack already. Even now she's a-weepin' and a-moanin', packing her bags ready for the flight back to Manila. Or was it Jakarta?

BTW, Dr Kim, just how much are you prepared to pay for the password - in used Euro notes, please? We could do a deal...

KMS said...

Maid, Sandy mean to you I see. We have 2 maids here for house and school, so sorry. Maybe Shaunie need help. Try fookinshaunryder@hotmail.com

We like Sandy. We are curius just. Maybe you make new blog and show fotos of Sandy apratment?

Hoi, I no talk over PL. Mmmm bulldog look tasty.