Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Yes, The Truth is an Odd Number, and Death is a Full Stop."

Indeed, I'm extremely sad to have to reveal that last Friday, the 13th of August (typical!), my life-time comrade-in-classroom capers, Dave the dodgy DOS, passed away, his drink-sodden spirit squelching its way heavenward in the late hours of the evening. Those cryptically wise words above were the sole substance of his final utterance, made as he gently lifted the last bottle of Fernet Branca to his quivering lips, before setting out on his pre-booked journey along Jacob's ladder (eh?!).

Actually it was MY bottle of FB he emptied, but let's not be too particular when discussing a man's departure from these mortal lands, eh? And as for the meaning of his ultimate pronouncement - I haven't a fuggin' clue!!


Anonymous said...

'Yes' suggests that he was replying to your question 'Is the truth an odd number and death a full stop?', so you'd probably had a fair amount of the FB first to be asking that.

I hope he squelches his way in peace.

Anonymous said...

Just about your LEVEL Adrian (or is it Alex today do you ever catch yourself out in the WRONG costume I wonder). And yes I AM AWARE of your most recent effrontery - SUFFICE IT to say that you will shed saline penance before the bank hol is OUT and recognise ME for WHAT I HAVE EVOLVED into unlike you stuck at rung 3 on the 100 rungs of the ladder
CROATIA is it? Or Bournemouth today? How we do GET AROUND do we not, but never actually arriving as you saunter whistling to your DOOM
No dole money, no, nor backhanders from jackbooted MIRROR chums (were they at BRUMMY UNI too along with KAREN and ALEX the AKA Brigata Rossa of the 1990s how pathetic LADZZZ) but pure intellect, shining will and MASCULINITY are my motto my fluttering pennants
(penance --> pennants DUH! it's called assonant coupling did you even get that I wonder dimmywit) not something they did in WILTSHIRE was it not something your LEFT WING parents majored on before their unterganging at the hands of the social services (oooooooH! surprised?)

Brummy Uni hall of accommodation
ROOM 45/b

The AKA BRIGADE in full brainstorming but then a knock on the door

(OOOH ah gasps from the triplets - amazed YET??)
Flash forward twelve years and still you are PLOTTING to deceive with parallel setups and camouflage

And I have told you repeatedly I am NOT Paul Lowe of Windsor English

Anonymous said...

Who are you today,then,Paul? Hitler? Caesar? Fucking Napoleon? Get lost, you looney-Sandy Mcanus's FRiend has died. Have a bit of blooming respect!

TEFL SecretAgent said...

I agree with Anonymous commenter number 3 ;)

Anonymous said...

Stiill don't geddit do you DUMMYKINS let me spell it aht mate

Only those who matter COUNT
Only those who COUNT MATTER

Sorry but too damn busy for this today and just too damn good at outwitting you all