Sunday, August 22, 2010

The First 'Crap Job!' of the Academic Year!

Oh yes indeedy, I feel that the 'Crap Jobs' category is going to be one of this year's high achievers. Just take a look at this dose of diarrhoea that has issued forth from the pedagogical buttocks of Manchester Metropolitan University.

Not only are they paying woefully inadequate wages for this type of post, which usually attracts at LEAST thirty quid an hour, they are actually paying BELOW THE NATIONAL AVERAGE! Or, in other words, you could earn more by emptying bins or press-ganging motorists into having their windscreens cleaned at traffic lights.

EFL Tutors x 4 Languages - Academic English courses for International Students.
Manchester Metropolitan University
Fixed Term Contract - 2 years from appointment.
Salary: Grade 5: £20,327 - £22,879 per annum.

We are seeking to appoint four full-time EAP tutors on two year fixed-term contracts to teach on our intensive Academic English courses for International Students.
You will have a degree or equivalent in a relevant subject area, a DELTA or equivalent qualification recognised by the British Council and you will be an excellent team-player. A PGCE, Certificate of Education, PGCAP or membership of the Higher Education Academy or similar qualification is desirable.

So, not only do they want a teacher with degree and a DELTA or PGCE, they're looking for some sort of gullible twit who has joined the highly irrelevant 'Higher Education Academy'. And all for less then 2,000 quid a month?! What a SCREAM!!

But one thing, though - notice that there is no mention of any need for teaching or EAP experience in the advert. Clearly, they are not expecting applications from anybody who actually knows what they're doing!

And that's rather strange for a place that likes to promote itself as "The University for World-Class Professionals". Of course, I should have realised - they must have the 3rd world in mind, judging by the salaries they offer.

So, well done MMU. You've really got the 2010-2011 'Crap Jobs!' season off to a flying start!


Casey Jones said...

Christ, it's only slightly better than the usual dogshit offering from BBSI - Bournemouth Business School International - where they want "an experienced and qualified individual for the role of Senior Teacher of Management. The successful candidate would have a professional background in management, and extensive experience in teaching management and/or business studies to international students."

And just how much are they offering to entice such a highly experienced and professional individual into this exciting management position?

From 19 to 20K!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's one for you: eight quid an hour. College environment, my arse!

Can't believe they're advertising among some of the better ELT jobs.

Hello, by the way! I haven't disappeared. Just been plotting my next move, as all TEFLers have to do far too regularly.

Formerly TEFL Smiler/Appy Linguist/Engelsk/Mr D/and more besides.

(Don't want to link back to myself, considering the psychotic freaks you've attracted over the last year!)

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Nice to hear from you again, Mr D! I'd lost touch with your last move, and was wondering what you're up to these days. Please send an updated blog address to my e-mail - would be nice to renew our cyber-acquaintance.



The TEFL Tradesman said...

Meanwhile, here's another hoot from BBSI - an advert on for aSenior ESP teacher, but which pays less than a checkout operator at Morrisons...

"We are seeking an experienced and qualified individual for the role of Teacher of Legal Studies. The successful candidate would have a professional background in the legal profession and have extensive experience in teaching Legal English to international students. This post is being readvertised due to unforeseen circumstances."

So, 'unforeseen circumstances', eh? Wonder what that could be? Maybe the poor sucker found a proper-paying job? Or he turned out to be an alkie? Well, what do they expect for 19-20k a year?!?

The fact that they want some poor fucker with a Law Degree, a DELTA, AND experience of course design has me hooting with laughter! Don't believe me? Have a butcher's below...

"The ideal candidate will possess a Law Degree, or similar, and have a CELTA or DELTA qualification, plus at least 2 years' sound teaching experience in a quality school or college. Course design and / or development woudl eb an advantage."

Clearly their "ideal candidate" is either desperate or retarded!!

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Oh, and BTW, Mr D. My fan base might well be 'psychotic', in your words ... but at least they're loyal!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - they're not all 'psychotic'. Just the ones with legal difficulties and grudges.

Will email.

Mr D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Django Cat said...

Or you could go to Malta and teach EAP (and medical ESP forgodsakes)in a university for shit street-corner EFL money - 15 - 25 Euro an hour and all the Maltesers you can eat I suppose...

Anonymous said...

Good to see you're back Sandy.

First, the gibbering wreck (who is no doubt thrilled that SMM has written a bog post so he can bang his deranged stick on the keyboards once again), is completely off the mark with Adrian whatsit. It's obvious to anyone who's ever read this

that SMM is the seperated at birth twin of Luke Haines.

secondly, Robert Weeks Director of studies of victoria english college (see mugshot here could this be the same robert weeks who worked under said gibbering mad man's roof in Windsor?

if so his school pay a poxy £9 an hour to teachers.

John King said...

Aren't the Weeks family the owners of Cactus Tefl? Or did I hallucinate that?

Paul Lowe has been paying most teachers £9/hour for about 12 years now. Some teachers receive up to £16/hour - but you can imagine the reasons for that.

Anonymous said...

Robert Weeks was at Windsor Schools:the old TEFL Blacklist and the Windsor Swindler sites,plus the Rip-Off Reports site will confirm this as well as what a nasty,dishonest cunt he was. New Labour shit-stabber and lying paedo that he is.

Anonymous said...

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The TEFL Tradesman said...

Yes, well done Mr Lowe. Your imagination is working overtime again, and I can't even believe that you have stepped outside your putrid castle of a school to spy on others. Nice story, though.

Been forgetting to take your medication again, have you, Paulie? And don't foget - we have our spies working on YOU!!

Shaun Ryder said...

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William Fuckfilthstickson said...

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