Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sandy McManus - Exposed At Last!

I guess a lot of you out there have missed out on this latest revelation, but I have apparently been outed as ... Philip Kerr! No, I don't mean the Philip Kerr from Scotland who writes intriguing novels, I mean the English one who writes EFL books. Yes, that's him in the piccy alongside - not a scrap as handsome as the real article, I can tell you!

Anyway, I'll have you all know that I take this misunderstanding as a serious affront to my writing skills and general integrity. I mean, comparing the multi-talented blogger Sandy McManus with a mere scribbler of Tefl tat - oh, come on, fer chrissake!

If you still don't have a clue what I'm on about, which is entirely understandable, may I refer you to my Windsor Swindler blog, where the object of my attentions, the odious convicted fraudster and Tefl pariah Paul Lowe, believes he has unearthed the truth behind my identity. That's right - he thinks I'm Philip Kerr, and that PK is just me without the unkempt facial hair.

If you look at this particular blog posting from last month, which highlights Paul Lowe's aggressive attempts to rejoin the Tefl fraternity by his usual means of bullying and threatening the wrath of a lawyer or two, you'll notice that it has attracted almost 150 comments to date - must be some sort of record, no?

Anyway, you'll probably also notice that most of these comments come from the supremely troubled mind of Mr Lowe himself, in the name of 'the tefl enquirer'. A lot of his comments are also posted anonymously, which probably reflects his bipolar mental and emotional state, but the 'defecatory' style of writing is immediately recognisable as belonging to the Berkshire Bullshitter alone.

Coming abruptly to the point, he firmly believes that he has unfrocked the unfortunate Mr Kerr as the driving force behind Sandy McManus. Yes, I kid thee not, matey. Have a look at this, for an example...

Anonymous said... the brussels sprout and the family of vegetables!!!!‏

From: sandy mcmanus (

Sent: 22 April 2010 10:27:11


the brussels sprout and the family of vegetables!!!! guess what we're having for dinner???? heeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeee
PHILIP KERR seems remarkably quiet these days but... wait what is this ????? his magnificent legal teams all clad in the real true truthful armour of shining true truth have begun massing at the borders of truthland in the county to TRUTHSHIRE and now we can see their shining swords of truth-ness and truth badges all shouting about the TRUTH today tomorrow and the next day and.....

And there's lots more of the same verbal equivalent of a retarded pensioner dribbling into his cold soup. All in all, it makes for very sad reading indeed.

In fact, this entire 'incident', if I can call it that, has finally made me realise what others have been telling me for years - that Paul Lowe has serious mental and emotional problems. I mean, I do remember that during his trail for fraud last year his lawyer entered a plea of mitigation, referring to his client's 'depersonalisation disorder', but it didn't register with me - in fact, I thought it was just another attempt by the Swindler to avoid the grasp of justice.

Now, however, I do understand that he is a seriously sick man, one who deserves our sympathy rather than our enmity. I mean, who else but a mentally disturbed person would seriously claim to be "a brilliant man with an unmistakable mark of genius upon him", or would claim for himself "sheer class, sheer verve and wit and balls enough to go for it", not to mention believing himself to be one of "those ... who are set apart by class, education and innate intellect".

And if you still don't believe me, try this ...

This is a letter to all of those in the TEFL and EFL Industry who will, no doubt, have been dimly aware of a foul smell from one quarter of the industry for a very long time now-

the man making the smell poses as "sandy MacManus" a disaffected teacher and vox popular (he imagines) of the tefl world

we have very good intelligence now that this man is none other than Philip KERR, a minor figure in EFL/TEFL already and someone you may not, even his wife and children, mother and father, may not have associated with these acts of poison sociopathological obsession-

Philip KERR has been spreading his caustic and often obscene messages across various media and it is now time to expose him to the industry and beyond

we wait to hear what he is intending to say on the matter (maybe he will employ a lawyer to scare us off!) .... we will keep you posted.

Indeed, I shall certainly keep you posted on this matter. However, more importantly, as a result of my tardy recognition of PK's warped emotional and mental condition, I shall be discontinuing the Windsor Swindler blog very soon. I mean, although it may be a noble thing to publicly hassle a convicted liar, cheat and general Tefl pariah, it's extremely unedifying to find oneself guilty of hounding a person who has serious mental issues to cope with. Therefore the plug will be pulled on the blog at the end of this month.

Anyway, it's not as if there isn't enough information available on the web about the Berkshire Bully's illegal and unethical ways. Just google 'Paul Lowe' or 'Windsor English' and you'll see what I mean.

So bye-bye Paul ... it's been a long and complicated relationship, ours has, and ultimately I just feel sorry for you - but not half as sorry as I feel for your victims. May you rot in Hell.

SM (not PK)


William Fredericksbastard said...

Yes,yes...oh,yes! Paul is definitely missing a wheel off his fricking baby-carriage. 'Seeker of Shite's' Lewis Carroll-esque piss-take of Paul Lowe was actually posted by me in the 'comments'section to your Israel article.Paul Lowe posted it on the Windsor Swindler site.Probably a cut-and-paste attempt at insulting Phillip Kerr or Oliver!Or Paul liked it cos it suits his apparently fractured mental state.
Ohhhhh,dear! A career as a speech-writer that there Derek Laud off Big Brother.I think i'll pass on the bumming aspect of Mr. Laud's career...unless i can get me hands on a nubile lady-boy or two!

Anonymous said...

The risk is that he'll just come here and turn all the comments pages into Return to the Valley of The Berkshire Bullshitter.

I liked the Seeker of Shite piece, William S Fredericksbastard.

William Frederickson,phd in obscenity said...

No problem,my dear 'Anonymous.' Mind you, Paul has to be desperately lacking in imagination and possible sanity if he has to borrow the attempts of a sexual deviant,piss-artist and general git like me.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha

I win, you have confessed your defeat as a wriggling salmon expires in the claws of a mighty eagle, with a long howl not a whimper. Amazing what intellect, spark, drive and guts can achieve, is it NOT?? Shheer class, it cannot be resisted by the likes of YOU
Evil, are you not, and utterly subsumed by the vengeful machinations of your spite your VENOM
ha ha ha wotsa matter, Philly boy, philly BUSTER, cat got yer ting-tong-tongue??

KMS said...

This conceptuele art, Ting-Tong-Tongue is fantastico!

Anonymous said...

Gloire glorieuxe et profonde

Against the whole baboon tribe of tug-meisters and sewer creepers so low on the scale they are UNDER the evo barrier, hairy palms and chave accents and ALL

An all mate mate mate doncha know

Phil, gone quiet again???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Not so mad now am I?
Not now i've WON the WAR

Anonymous said...


Gloire profonde et dure

Not so crazy now am I , baboon gang

Now i've WON THE WAR

Anonymous said...

All gone very quiet on the Kerrstern front - sorry the Declan front - sorry the western front - and I wonder why?
Trapped under a Nordic volcano?? Too busy editing his latest TOME for his colossal readership?? Or just getting silently pissed as he reflects on the utter COLLAPSE of all his life's work plus his bonk balance??
Lesson learned, little man?
Don't piss with the big boys unless you can go UP THE WALL.

Signing off VICTORIOUS

Anonymous said...

That's right keep phoning me

Anonymous said...

Yeah right right yeah

Graduate to joined up crayons then tangle with the likes of ME

take the stabilisers off yer bike, PHILLY BUSTER
Back in the jug again

Nip nap nug jug jug tug o war

tug tug
That' was something you didn't understand
And once again you're left wondering DUH wot happened?

Kapitano said...

Don't delete the blog, just stick a message at the top saying there'll be no more updates, and why.

The Lowest One may indeed be mentally ill - but he's also a slanderer, a conman, a frauster and a fraud. Mad people can still be bastards, and this one is still something of a problem.

BTW, I'm really Liz Sores in disguise.

Anonymous said...

Started a war
Got upset

stones against BROADSWORDS I am armed by talent and vocation and yes I do have rather a way with words as you have surmised by now

flick of the wrist
Shift key

You are crushed

Anonymous said...

Ha ha can't even fucking spell SOARS
fucking small town loser

Anonymous said...

all the way that's me
half the way THATS you

that why they bullied you, kerrchang?
Philly Kerrchang Kerrang Kerrbstone
Kerrstone kops

Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Not so fucking mad now am I cunts?

William Fucknutson said...

Go for it,Paul-spazz on and entertain us!

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Oops, sorry Paul - only kidding! Joke's on you - AGAIN!

Despite your private education, your wonderful intellect AND your sheer class, you still FELL for the BAIT like the DICKHEAD you truly are - well done!!

So 'la lucha sigue' - know wot I meen, mate?!

Oh, the joy - THE JOY!!

The Tefl Enquirer said...

It matters not.

Not a jot.

Not a jit jat pokey roley slingshot

NEVER doubt the fear that a mollusc feels when a MIGHTY YACHT glides past his rock.
I am the yacht
Can you conceive of the money that has been expended on my education??
I will win this one.

La lucha contra los bastardos delos teflos


The Tefl Enquirer said...

You will still be here still here ten years hence, still under the stone below the volcano under the sewer

You are a symptom of madness, you are OBSCENE and there is only one answer now, you have done this now, and it is progressed towards daily in my agenda and it is called


Comeon, Philly buster
Are you lonesome? Do you move yer net curtains?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Paulie - what joy to see you impotently rage after being so supremely SUCKERED!!

Like I said on the other blog - all we have to do is pull a lever this way or that, and off you go, chuntering around the circuit like a little clockwork train. Choo-choo!!

Yes, it's Paulie the Tank Engine - stuck on the slow track!!!


Anonymous said...

"flick of the wrist
Shift key

You are crushed"

Maybe your shift key isn't working.

Anonymous said...

" yes I do have rather a way with words"

Not with French ones

The Tefl Enquirer said...

Shirley williams did her best work on you, did she not?? While I got the fountain pen and the bam bas bat caecilio est in hortus, you got the chippy shoulder and the resentment.
Now who's upright and quivering?

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Another failed campaign for the swindlery one - well done, Paul!

We are looking forward to your next failure - always a good source of entertainment!

Why don't you face up to the truth? You've met your match, in fact one who constantly manages to surprise and defeat you.

You'll never win Paul, just accept it. Admit that, despite your constant preening and claims of superiority, you just can't hack it against a vastly superior foe.

Even worse, it's an individual nemesis who has had none of your advantages of class, private education, posh uni, well-heeled sibling, etc.

In fact, my background has been the exact opposite - born, raised and half-educated on a council estate to working class parents, polytechnic degree, no family history of wealth to boast of. And yet I still manage to beat you, hands down, every time!

And just take a look at yourself. A sad middle-aged fruitcake who can't even run a lousy tin-pot language school, despite all his previous advantages.

There's a word for people like you. It's LOSER!!!

Anonymous said...

all we can see are postings on Internet, but PL seems real after court case.

is it possible that SM is actually PL, some sort of split performance?
maybe SM doesn't know he is PL and vice versa?

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that "Caecilius est in horto"?

El Cabron que se rie... said...

Of course it is. PL's Latin is a crappy as his Spanish.

And I don't really see how a background in a dead language can prepare you for a stretch in the nick, but perhaps Paul can enlighten us, eh?!

I imagine his new neighbours will treat their classically-educated chum with immense respect - don't you?!

William Frederickson said...

In that case,Senor Cabron,I shall keep my gob firmly closed...If there is owt that is 'sub judice,'then discretion is the better part of valour and revenge is a dish best eaten bloody cold. Hope springs eternal.' And my dog's arse smells of margarine'(Robert Rankine,'Knees up,Mother Earth.')

the tefl enquirer said...

Dim all the lights, dimmy (good that).....for iHAVE awoken... again.... do you ave any IDEA wot (clever that) you ave dun????!!!

I am beyond anger. I am going to fulminate!!!!... that's latin for RAGE IMPOTENTLY...yes, I am going to FULLMINATE. i am going to name six MINOR (very satirical) figures in EFL and out them AS YOU, dimmy. and some teacher i remember that everyone else has never HEArd of who has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS..... And I am going to tell imaginary lawyers to write imaginary letters to their parents. And then I'm going to have a little liedown while things are whurlling round. Then upright with a mouth of dry saliva, I am going to look for the rest of the last can of cider as its 9.30.

Shirly Williams let you down, dimmy, cuz I am going to use your god GOOGLE against you....i am gonna type ...that's right cuz my palms aren't hairy like yours. .......... gonna type WHOS THE BIGGEST FUCKING CUNT ON EARTH???!!!!? in google and then you're so fucking fucked dimmy dimtwit (good that).

Cuz i will be on the plane to Brazil or Azerbaijan or wherever the fuck you live and whoever the fuck you are ...cuz you're so fucking dead dimcunt ... that's riight you picked the wrong guy, the guy with the gonads on the dimmer swicth dimmy dimwit... and then when i HAVE awoken i am gonna be behind fulmination... i will be in prison,, , , where i will use my superior brain and become a hard-on-ed catamite ... and when i get out dimmy, you won't find me sleeping in shoeshop doorways dimmy... with my background and breeding i will piss myself in library doorways.. you see what you ave dun... sorry wot you ave dun dimmy (nice one).. you fucked with the guy who fucks the biggest fucking cunts for fun ... and when i am in prison dimmy, remember i will be pretending to be u in da showers... now do you understand dimly...obviously..

William Fliderickson said...

To quote some football supporters' words recently,Paul...'Sit down,you paedophile!'

Clarence Rhode said...

Watch out world. Paul Lowe's brother Mark 'The Charmer' Lowe has just won his court case, brought by the young female employee who was claiming harrassment/dismissal etc.

If Mark could win that one - what is Paul capable of?


William Frederickson said...

Dunno, but the lady in question, a Ms Wimmer, may well appeal against the court's decision.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Sandy and I are very well aware of the judge's decision to trouser the large backhander offered by Mark Lowe and set the ghastly toad free. But we'll wait until the appeal decision has been finalised before offering our comments.

Anonymous said...

Mark Lowe can afford a decent lawyer. Paul Lowe can afford cooking cider when he gets his dole cheque.

William Frederickson, manfully stirring the shit again said...

http// is Paedo Paulie's latest online attempt to tackle his enemies...Beyond the usual pompous guff about how the Effulgent Kid-Fiddler of Castle-Town will expose his imaginary enemy,there is sod-all else of note on the blog.
Spluttered out like a post-vindaloo-and-Guiness fart, has our Paulie...Or like his 'long defecation.'