Monday, April 12, 2010

April 13 - 'Kiss an Israeli' Day!

That's right! Sandy McManus goes all agitprop and token political gestures with an anti-Israeli rant.

Actually, I don't need to rant. Just look at the facts, especially concerning the horrors of everyday life in occupied Palestine, from these extremely enlightening websites...

If you're still not motivated to rush out and shag a Zionist imperialist with a long beard and a funny hat, just bear in mind the following comparisons...
  • Israel and South Africa (apartheid regimes)
  • Israel and Nazi Germany ('lebensraum' - West Bank - to the East for the 'Master Race')
  • Israel and America (colonialism that eradicates native cultures and people)

Yes, spare a thought for the dispossessed Palestinians, who are losing their land on a daily basis and being treated like third class citizens in their own country. Well done to Israel and their government of colonising religious fascists!

And give some thought to the good old US of A, those champions of democracy who prop up an occupying military power (the second largest army in the world!) and its apartheid regime to the tune of tens of billions of dollars per year in aid and preferential trade agreements. Without them, Israel would be ... well, just a small country led by a regime of ethnic-cleansing bigots and murderers.

You can read all about it here:

Or you just might prefer not to think about it.


Anonymous said...

There's an interesting piece about Israel's modern policies of ethnic cleansing in the West Bank and Gaza here:

Otherwise, recent news concerning the Israeli government's decision to issue ID cards to Palestinians in the West Bank - a land they don't even officially own, a people they don't even officially recognise - can be found on almost every newspaper's website today.

Just google "ethnic cleansing in the west back" and you'll get plenty of hits!

Anonymous said...

The review of the book 'The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy' is almost as revealing as the book itself:

Try the review here:

Open your eyes, look up to the skies and SEE!!

champagne socialist said...

If immigration continues in the same way in the UK, what with immigrant birth rates and pc fascism - then also coming to a UK near you. Ethnic cleansing is happening here and now. Don't be a bleeding heart liberal for the foreigners, start helping at home

Anonymous said...

"White trash get down on your knees,
time for cake and sodomy."
--Marilyn Manson

Charles Jannuzi said...

What's bubbling up on the news of the net is that Israel and the IDF are just itching to get another crack at Hezbollah. Since the IDF got their kevlar helmets handed to them in the summer of 2006 debacle, they want another crack to prove their worth (i.e., they're worth the billions the US lavishes on them to prove that right makes right).

I'm sure W. and his gang will love that. They can chant in unison what a bad job Pres. Milquetoast is doing on ME peace and process, while the price of oil will skyrocket and free enterprisers like themselves can make a lot more money speculating on fluctuations in the imaginary price of oil futures.

The TEFL Tradesman said...

OK guys, that's enough of the agitprop now. I see it's attracting more weirdos than the normal Tefl tripe. I mean - "cake and sodomy"?! Both at the same time? Ugh...!!!

Just hope it's not chocolate cake.

William Frederickson said...

Time for cake and sodomy,eh? I've been rumbled!I have a penchant for women who look like Amy Winehouse...and now you know why!I've got syphilis and i sweat AIDS!Biological warfare is where it's at,folks and folkesses!I have a 'slant' on P.L. and his 'Paedo' 'Twat' of 'Tweets,'too!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Of course, Paul (Lowe, for it is he!), we bow in total awe of your pure intellect, perhaps even your intellectual purity, and of course your 'sheer masculine audacity' (whatever that might be).

Meanwhile, you'll be happy to hear good news about all those 'intellectual' and 'audacious' tweets that you made before you deleted them in fear of being exposed as the perv you clearly are.

Yes, they are all now very traceable - just go here to find out:

How's that for audacity, eh?!

Anonymous said...

Chortleeee ladsss!!

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You try to master your SEMI ANTICS.
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Anonymous said...

We're lovin' it, Paul. Keep 'em comin', wuntcha!!

Anonymous said...


You see how I do that? Just with a tap of the keyboard I dismiss and crush you all.

Your issue is that ,deprived of a real education other than what Shirley Williams inflicted in you at the fag end of the 70's, you cannot follow my semantic hyperbole, and are left gawping like a baboon in the presence of a nuclear reactor. Yes, you sense some power, some majesty is afoot - this way with words comes at a PRICE after all! - but you cannot define or even articulate what AWE is inspired within you.

Sheer style, verve and the simple plucky gonads to do what is RIGHT as a RIGHTER. Signing off now.

Friends of Windsor said...

We have to admit it, Paulie - nobody parodies Paul Lowe like Paul Lowe does!

Yes, we all feel crushed and dismissed, no doubt about that! We sense the power of your majesty, too - really!!

Anonymous said...

Blah blah playground riposte blah blather blah same old guff time after time: jealousy, resentment, apprehension in the presence of true wit and talent. By the way I am WINNING the 'Google war' that you have strated.

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Meanwhile I go from strength to strength, pulling the strings of your puppet existence. What string will I pull next, ladzzz?

Shaun Ryder said...

"Sheer style, verve and the simple plucky gonads to do what is RIGHT as a RIGHTER. Signing off now."

Now, I fookin' KNOW I'm juss ole Shaunie. A coont an' no mistake. But this PL coont 'as no fookin' clue.
@PL: Do you want me to come an' visit you lad? Down at yer crappy B&B? Imagine that: you an' Shaunie in the same place, juss you an' me. It'll fookin' 'appen lad: juss keep up yer fookin' borin', 'alf mental rubbish an' it'll 'appen.

Anonymous said...

I'll be along soon.Forgot my bastard Filofax,dammit!

Seeker of SHITE said...

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