Saturday, March 14, 2009

TEFLing in Turkey with Tony the Trot

Yikes! It was all there a minute ago - the text, I mean - and now some bugger's swiped it! Who could it be? Bastard! You'll pay for this, you miscreant!

Well, I guess I'll just have to leave you with a very fetching portrait of good old Lev Davidovich, (looking somewhat washed out, I admit) until I can lay my hands on it. Was it you, Shaunie? Or that mad git The Baron?! Snakey bastards, both of you...


Shaun Ryder said...

I only nocks fings I can flog mate.

Shaun Ryder said...

'Nicks', I meant. Anyway, 'ere's a joke:

What's the difference between Jade Goody an' Mussolini?

One's a fat, bald, racist cunt and the other one's dead.

There. No need to fank me.

Ghost of LG said...

Mr Ryder,

The first sentence is fine, but please change the last two sentences. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between Paul Lowe and Ronnie Biggs?

Anonymous said...

Ronnie's seen a Brazilian.

Shaun Ryder said...

I 'eard that that Fritzl was a bit disappointed with 'is life sentence. Word 'as it 'e could 'ave got away with a bit of community service: teachin' the McCanns how to lock their doors properly.

Anonymous said...

Sandy,why in the name of all that's vile and damnable would i do that? Got better things to do these days!
As for sick jokes? Apart from my fucking income tax demand for the previous year,here's one;
What's 4 feet tall and stands at the bottom of a little girl's bed?
Gary Glitter's boots.

William Frederickson