Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dave Sperling is a Pathetic Wanker - it's Official!

You have been banned from this forum.
Please contact the webmaster or board administrator for more information.

I mean, what sort of a twat's business is the old Yiddo c*nt about? This must be the Nth time he's given me the boot from his frankly bland and boring forum ... and for what?

Well, apparently I transgressed one of the unwritten rules about never making public a PM (private message). The thing is - and I'm not sure that the toosser of a Moderator realised this - that the PM I passed into the public domain was mine! Yes, I'd composed it myself! I'd first sent it to another 'collaborator' , but then decided to go public with it. Don't I have the right to decide what to do with my own messages, Dave?

Anyway, this below is the first notice of my apparently subversive behaviour:

From: Revenant
Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2009 8:35 pm

Subject: Warning Quote message

You are being issued a warning for posting a PM on the open forums. This is not permitted.
Revealing information with regards to names of individuals or revealing information that could identify people for the purposes of getting them in trouble is also not permitted.
Normally, these infractions can result in an automatic deactivation of your account. This time you are being simply issued a warning.
However, -any- trouble involving your account on here at any time in the future will result in the deactivation of your account.

This warning is not up for discussion or debate. Any attempt to do so will be construed as your communicating that you do not desire to comply with this warning, and your account will be removed accordingly.

So, I replied with a simple Oh dear! Yep, that's all - but that was clearly too much for the arrogant little runt of a Moderator. I mean, look at that line - Any attempt to do so [i.e., discuss, debate, tell me to fuck off] will be construed as you being naughty and not doing what you're told, you plebby little Tefler...

So I'm struck off - again! Actually, I couldn't care tuppence really, as I've got another three identities to fall back on, and anyway, it's about as exciting as a tee-total barmitzvah on his forum these days. Every time an interesting issue looks set to boil over, Dave and his gaggle of mincing moderators switch off the gas and push the whole thing off the back burner.

And, can you believe this - when I made a posting about the notorious TEFL paedophile James Fraser Darling and his alleged appearance in China (or was it Turkey?) last summer, he gave me the push AND pulled the thread! Yes, naming and shaming an infamous child-molester is not allowed, because, as the Moderator stated above, " Revealing information with regards to names of individuals or revealing information that could identify people for the purposes of getting them in trouble is also not permitted."

And who would want to get a convicted paedophile into trouble, eh? Not Dave, of course!

So, Dave - you really ARE a cunt and a wanker - well done!


Alex Case said...

"Please contact the webmaster or board administrator for more information"

Except you can't, because you've been banned and therefore can't PM anyone, and there isn't a contact email address anyway. Which is sheer stupidity, along with policies like locking a thread with the insult that got it locked still up but the person being insulted being unable to reply.

Actually, I think it is the moderators who are up themselves and I totally can't understand. Dave is just in it for the money, and I'm sure he will still rake the cash in for the year or two more that people still make the mistake of going there.

And that is about all there is to say about it. Not sure racist insults adds much to the debate

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Insult? It's a term of endearment, mate. Just check it out on Wiki.

What is strange is that some people would get more uppity about the word 'Yiddo' than 'cunt', though. Just trying to prove a point - the value of social conditioning, etc.

Anonymous said...

Don't most people realize that Dave's Crap Cafe is now part of the establishment profiting like the schools? So it seems while they need to give the appearance of being objective or for the teachers, they're about profiting off them.

Shaun Ryder said...

Given that the camera adds ten pounds an' that, Dave's pretty skinny ain't 'e? It goes to show that lickin' people's arses an' suckin' corporate cock is really good for you, keeps you in shape, see?

EFL class on Oxford Street said...

Dear Teacher Sandy,

We hear on the news that the husband of your country's minister watches pornogaphy and you pay this with taxes. UK is interesting place! Then our teacher tells us that more British women have vibraters than washing machines. We think this is Joke.

Please tell us. Is this true? We wait in computer room.


The TEFL Tradesman said...

It is indeed a joke, Shiney - but a true one! British society became a joke several years back, when people started trying to copy TV (rather then TV copying life).

As a result, we have an entire generation who claim the right to constant sex, and believe that sex is the main purpose in life. We also need to import Polish labour to repair the broken washing machine, and buy vibrators from China, cos we're all too busy getting laid to work or learn a trade.

Of course, the real meaning of life is to teach English in a 3rd world country and sell large volumes of Headache Intermediate. And drink lots of beer too. And smoke funny stuff in pipes.

PS: Shiney - are you shaggable? Leave me your number, and I'll pass it on to Dr Kim.

Shiney said...

Teacher Sandy,

You are very bad person! I'm in Internet cafe and UK man look and laugh and show 'shaggable' with fingers! You are like husband of minister, but badder!

I am man! You are like girlyman down street in SoHo. I have no problem with that, but leave mine arse out of your thinking!

Anonymous said...

To be honest.... you can't even register for his f*ing forum anyway... what a wanker! Honestly! We need a FB Dave Sperling's a Wanker group.