Sunday, February 26, 2012

Revolutionary Tefler Needed...

Pissed off you missed out on the Spanish Civil War by a few decades? Fancy Syria instead? Well, Inlingua can help you!

Jobs in Syria

inlingua Aleppo offers English Teaching jobs.

The teacher should be native speaker (American or British), reliable ,dynamic and able to teach both Business and General English.

For more information please contact us at:

Yes, I know that there are many Tefl Twerps who went off to teach in Spain after reading Orwell's 'Homage to Catalonia', and then returned home severely disheartened, after learning that the International Brigades had long been abandoned. Well, cheer up, fellahs, there's no reason to sit at home regretting that cruel twist of fate that led to you being born around 60 years too late!

Thanks to the generosity of Inlingua, who proudly claim 'Inlingua - crossing language barriers' as their slogan, you can now also risk crossing the mortality barrier by getting a large hole in your head while shouting 'Allahu Akhbar' or some such religious nonsense. Yes, leave that large red and black anarchist flag at home and dress yourself up in an oversized pair of green curtains. Then launch yourself out on the the dusty streets of Aleppo, between classes of course, and wave a dog-eared copy of Headway Pre-Intermediate at the Syrian Army in a menacing way.

I can guarantee you'll become a martyr almost instantly. Liz and John will be proud of you, and you'll almost definitely get a posthumous mention in the EL Gazette.

And all that time you spent reading 'The Spanish Civil War' will NOT have been in vain!


Special Brew Man said...

how do the Kebabs there compare to Turkish kebabs

Pope Garlic said...

I believe they call them 'shawarma' there, and they're considerable better than the Turkish variant.

Dunno about the beer, though. Is Syria dry? Is there a comparison to the might Turkish 'Efes'?

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Well, I sent them a link to this page, and a question regarding the sort of teacher they were looking for (imbecile? manic depressive?), but no news has crept out yet.

Maybe the militia are looking in to it?

Anonymous said...

Or you could really get ahead of the proverbial curve and get a job in the next ME country to go belly-up.

Anyone for Israel?

Port O'Bello said...

I'd prefer to work in Iran, actually. Anybody know of any vacancies there?

Anonymous said...

All the cushy jobs in places like Iran and Syria have gone, but you might be able to get one in a real shithole like Windsor.

The Windsor Swindler said...

How DARE you ridicule Our Great Leader!!!

William Fuckstickson said...

Yes, I bet that Paul Lowe the effulgent PAEDO will be looking for fresh victims...sorry...recruits to help run his summer EFL school* at some point in the near future.

*As well as laugh up their sleeves at Paedo Paul's lengthy defecatory antics.

Lowe-baiting? Me?

ESL English Teacher said...

For more on Job posting, go to

Anonymous said...

Well frankly, if I could find an address to send it to on the site, I can trump this job, and I'm not kidding either.

Can someone give me the sites e-mail address to send the job to, then you can see for yourself.

Alex Case said...

Any reason why your TEFL International post has just disappeared Sandy?

The TEFL Tradesman said...

I had no idea it had been removed, Alex. In fact, I can't even remember where it was - which month, year, etc.

Usually blogger send me a message when they pull one of my postings, so I presume they're getting a little rude and incommunicative. Miserable buggers!

Anyway, I imagine Brucey babes kept hassling them so much that they had to respond. He'd been begging me to drop the thing, but I though it was on another blog, formerly owned by Yours Truly.