Thursday, October 21, 2010

Suspension of Service

Yes, I'm afraid to have to inform you that Sandy McManus has applied for leave to take early Winter hibernation, and shall be doing so with immediate effect. Fact is, there's far too many things going on in my life these days, and the mere thought of blogging obliges me to groan internally.

So I'll be lying very low, although I'll still be keeping an eye on things - just not allowing myself to pass the expected SM comment on the wild proceedings of one of the country's top industries, the Tefl Trade.

And don't forget to send in for my amusement those pearls of wisdom that pass for management in the UK Tefl scene. I'm going to need a fair bit of cheering up over the coming months!

Hast pronto, comrades!

PS: BTW, I've switched on the moderation facility for the comments. Got to keep that Windsor loony at bay!


Alex Case said...

Doesn't there need to be a service for you to be able to suspend it?

William Frederickscuntshit said...

Don't blame you in the least, Sandy. Enjoy yer long hibernation.And I shall find owt useful to do,such as knocking off me mortgage,me Stella habit and me penchant for fugly ladies*
.No more Windsor Loon-baiting for me...It's become as boring for me as the Loon's periodic rants are.

*I think the latter two things are more closely related than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Shame. I was going to write that in capitals but thought I might get moderated..

Do return when you feel able, it's a job that needs doing.

All the best.

David said...

Enjoy your rest from blogging, Sandy.

William Frederickscuntshit said...

Welcome back,Sandy:anyone with the sheer fucking bottle to survive and then get the fuck out of Libya at the moment deserves a bit of respect. Fucking quality, my son!Your part in Gaddafi's downfall, for sure...As well as that of Paul 'Defuckation' Lowe prior to that.

A fucking good parody of me,Mr. Frederickshitcunt. However, it lacks the blunt,obscene,nasty,pervy and downright irritating nature of most of the comments I have posted on this blog.Also,I shall mostly be drinking 'Leffe'Belgian lager,followed by chasers of Courvoisier'cognac this year, given the more salubrious part of London in which I live.And floor polish when I am skint.No more fugly ladies for me either:I caught gonorrhea last year off one who looked like Shirley off fucking 'Eastenders.' Fuck, I must have been totally spandangled that night.Thank Fugg I didn't catch HIV though:it's the gift that keeps on giving...i bet Paul lowe would know about that.

On a more pedantic note,'shitcunt' is an insult denoting a nasty person or a blackguard that originated in the East end of London, and is used by speakers of the Estuary dialect of English.It is also the pet name that I used to call my Afro-Carribean ex-mistress by after she had been to have a dump*.Might I then suggest the alternative term 'cuntshit,'then? For example:

'Paul Lowe has grotty fantasies about sex with cuntshits. He is therefore a dirty fucking paedophile.'

There is a fittingly sweary substitute for the 'son' at the end of my surname:'Frederickscuntshit,'if you may...

As for insulting Paul 'Gary Glitter'Lowe, I still see that he is 'RIGHTING EFFULGENTLY,'the spacker-brained little runt. one would have hoped that the little rasclot had gone somewhere and fucking died, preferably of cancer of the arse-hole and intestines. Cameron's NHS spending cutbacks may well mean that there will be a shortage of morphine. If Paul Lowe then contracts this ailment during a morphine shortage,at least we can all laugh at his misfortune!

In any case,who the fuck is 'Georgina' in what appears to be an excerpt from 'Paedo Paul's' autobiography? That the name used is the feminine version of 'George' leads me to suspect that Georgina is a fucking bum-hole engineer in drag. Furthermore, Paul 'Bent-Arse' Lowe not mentioning 'tits' or 'cunt' in his description of said 'female' character,but obsessing about 'her' back-side leads me to believe that he is also a cosmonaut who travels to explore Planet Kackpipe.
Paul Lowe, as well as being a paedophile is also a poofter. Fuck my old boots,I thought that he was just a harmless, drooling,al fresco-defecating 'Joey Deacon'or Mong.Fucking wierdo...

He is also a fucking cunt-wit who thinks that he is Jonathan Aitken or Geoffrey Archer, and he writes in a similarly pretentious and Eighties manner.Paul, my kiddy-fiddling and possibly poofter-ish bugbear, I advise you to call your autobiography 'Last Amongst Spastics.'

Lowe-baiting? moi?

Finally,before I fuck off,I have an important TEFL question:whose bum-hole would you lick before fucking them 'doggy-fashion;'
Liz Sores's or Amy Winehouse's/

*I only found out about her having wiped her shitter from the back to the front cos my tongue slipped when I was doing cunnilingus,for Fugg's sake.