Saturday, March 27, 2010

Congratulations to Language Solutions - Cunt Employer of the Year!

I must say that this one truly beggars belief - almost had me gagging in contempt, in fact. Just imagine this: your wife, who is living in a foreign country, suddenly dies, so you request a few days of compassionate leave to do the funeral arrangements. On top of that, you need to consider just how you will cope looking after your four now motherless children.

Upon your return to work, after a mere three days of leave, you are dismissed - without reason. Even worse, you are told to leave the country as soon as possible, despite having done nothing wrong, but merely to please the whim of a manager.

Sounds impossible? Well, step forward - Language Solutions UK! I'm sure that the company's director, Mark Trier, will be feeling extremely proud of himself today, having achieved the "Cunt Employer of the Year" accolade by the end of March!

So well done, Language Solutions - you really deserve it! Illegal and immoral dismissal in the same blow!!

Here's a letter from the dismissed employee in question, in which he outlines the facts and puts his case. But Mr Trier's ears are firmly closed; his eyes are wide open, though - he can only see those dollar signs!


Dear Sirs,

I am writing to bring to light an issue of employment law with regards the termination of the contract of Mr ABC, a technical English Trainer at BP's CTTC, Sangachal, Azerbaijan - managed by TTE/Petrofac for BP Plc.

I was working for Professional Language Solutions (PLS), based in London and recruited by their office in London on a 1 year contract from May 6th 2009 to May 6th 2010 in CTTC, Sangachal.

My contract was terminated verbally on 26th Feb by the ELS (PLS - Azerbaijan company name) manager Chris Owen after 3 days sick leave. I was told only that my line manager (Irada Sulyanova - TTE senior trainer) wanted me out and that she had cited 'lack of continuity'. I was given no verbal or written warning and no written termination and asked to leave the country asap. I was forced to leave on 6th March.

I am aware that LS want their contract renewed for another 5 years and the tender is now due.

To clarify the reason for my sick leave, my wife died on the night of the 23rd Feb and I had 3 days off compassionate leave to make arrangements and to help our children cope. I informed my line manager immediately as per proceedings and was told it was OK to take the leave. I was asked to come into work on the Friday evening and then informed I was not to return to CTTC. I was not allowed to appeal the decision or even return to discuss the matter with managers.

I was devastated at the loss of my wife, let alone being treated like that and when I discussed this issue privately with trainees and trainers at CTTC, I was informed that they had been told I had resigned. So misleading statements were being perpetuated by senior managers at CTTC as it was not true that I had resigned. Again, a flagrant breach of BP standards which the BP trainees are now aware of and very disillusioned by.

I emailed Mark Trier of PLS to honour my contract as I had done nothing wrong but I was told that TTE wanted me out and they would only give me 1 month's notice. I have since sent another email again asking for the money due to me on 11th March - giving 5 days to respond prior to further action - and have had no response to date.

I have now reported the case to BIS who are responsible for enforcing the UK Employment Agencies Act 1973 as well as ACAS. My contract states that I must be given suitable warnings in line with UK law - this was ignored. To date I have not been notified in writing of my dismissal as per my contract.

I would like a full explanation and reason for my termination as well as full compensation of my contract to the end and compensation for loss of earnings, travel, accommodation and more than anything the stress associated with the loss of my job after losing my wife. I am now in the UK with nowhere to live and jobless.

I have no direct issue with BP here as I know they were not informed, however, it is not satisfactory that BP allows their main contractors to act in such a manner not conforming with their international standards and UK employment laws and therefore damaging their reputation.
Please confirm receipt and I would be grateful for a response within 5 working days before I proceed with the case.

Kind regards

Anyway, here's a picture of the chief cunt in question, Mark Trier. Perhaps you'd like to e-mail him on and send him your heartiest congratulations?

NB: More on this case later. SM


Anonymous said...

No surprise to me at all. I had dealings with them a few years back and they proved to be as slippery and unethical as a UK politician.
Definitely one to avoid!

Anonymous said...

Same with me in Saudi - very dodgy to say the least and always stitch you up with non-UK contracts. Watch out anyone thinking of working for these shisters!

Kapitano said...

Not so unusual, unfortunately. I had dealings with the New Zealand based agency East Meets West, who handle placements all over China. One teacher asked to fly back to the UK for a weekend to take care of her mother's funeral arrangements.

She was told if she took time off she'd be fired. So she walked out there and then. Good for her I say.

I only know about this because...EMW interviewed me to be her 'urgent replacement'. When I later emailed to ask why the urgent replacement process was taking two months, they wrote back saying they'd never received the CELTA scans they'd already thanked me for.

I've been told by more than one old TEFL lag that the only way to work for a good school is to set one up.

Anonymous said...

"we are proud of both the results of our work, and of the exceptional loyalty shown by our clients and our tutors"

Strange then that they value loyalty in others so much.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has been close to this situation I feel it is necessary to say that the facts should be checked before being published. I do not say that the company is without fault however, the person involved has not disclosed the full facts. Such as, despite him saying that he wanted compassionate leave due to his "wife's demise" and the four children he DID NOT in fact leave the country to care for the children despite the fact he had the chance to do so. One asks who is the real villain? No mention was also made of the regular time off taken by the individual outwith the incident related to his leg injury. I also believe that if one is to quote the names of others involved one should also have the courage to name him/herself. Not to do so smacks of cowardice!

Kapitano said...

Oh look, an anonymous troll, trying to phrase things like an educated person. Sandy must've touched a nerve.

Anonymous said...

I guess so, Kapitano. Although this is the first response I've had from LangSols UK, so it's more of a measured response than the usual knee-jerk flame that I get.

But the accusation that our unfortunate victim of injustice is guilty of "cowardice" due to failing to provide his name is quite outstanding, coming from somebody who signs himself 'Anonymous'!

Actually there is good legal precedent for not using your real name, as there is no need for the plaintiff to do so. The case concerns the dodgy behaviour of Lang Sols UK, not the employee. They need to be 'named and shamed' as the perpetrators of an immoral and illegal act, a fact which is even more pressing due to the verified nature of the allegations.

Have they been denied? No. In fact our dear Anonymous admits to them - so there should be no reason to withhold any names at all.

And WTF is this 'outwith' word?!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see - it's a regionalism. Should help to identify the writer, then, although I'm not even sure it's being used correctly in this case...



1. (Scottish and Northern England; colloq.) Outside; beyond; outside of.

"I can't help you with your marital problems - that is outwith my remit as a doctor."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support guys.
I am the plaintiff. I have replied to Sandy who will respond to this lowlife's comments.

All accusations I have made have been directly to the people responsible and they have my email so why didn't they question me directly?

I am so disgusted that I have to defend my actions to these people.

The facts are as they were reported.

Would you like to see the excellent reference I got from ELS? Why do that if I acted so badly?

You disgust me 'anonymous'! Email me if you have the balls. Sandy, if this 'person' emails you directly with 'its' name, please give 'it' my email.

We'll see who is a coward!!!

Anonymous said...

By putting the wife's demise in inverted commas, you are implying that this is not the case or in some way questionable.

Is this setting the facts straight or simply bullshit and barrel scraping in as despicable a manner as could be imagined?

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Bullshit or barrel-scrapings, it makes little difference really.

Language Solutions have a reputation for both, and if you check out Dave's ESL Cafe you'll see that the UK entry about them has racked up an impressive 3665 hits to date!

They also have many negative entries under other countries, notably Saudi and Russia / CIS.

Do they sound like an outfit that any decent teacher would like to work for? The answer just HAS to be NO!

Phil Cash said...

Heads up, chaps - there's positive news about our unfortunate Tefler in the pipeline. Watch this space real soon!

Anonymous said...

I am the Tefler in question.

A settlement has been offered and agreed by LS and me that is to both our satisfaction.

As far as I am concerned the matter ends here.

Wackford Squeers said...

A happy ending, eh? Nice to know Father Christmas does still exist!

Any details forthcoming, though - or are we all gonna be left in the dark? Come on, spill a bean or two, mate!

nick said...

It is a ruse by that cunt Trier and his sidekick cunt Krispin and actually sent by his bitch Barry.

Anonymous said...

Really is true, I am the person concerned.

Sandy knows what has happened and no doubt will inform you all in the very near future.

It has all been resolved to my satisfaction.

nick said...

sure-why would the trier cunt satisfy you?

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Yes, it's all very true - LS have coughed up. I guess they realised that they were riding a loser here. More to follow...

Anonymous said...

The great "ABC" (aka Noel)failed to mention several other facts about his time with his being arrested for throwing eggs at passing vehicles from his balcony. Showing up to work drunk or hung-over on several occasions. Having his money stolen after he passed out drunk by the two hookers he brought to his flat. Stand up guy...class act, seriously.

Big Willie said...

I see. And the implication is... just what? That people who occasionally go in for such excesses don't deserve to be treated in accordance with the law when it's a matter of an employment contract?

Doesn't really have legs, that one, does it!?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - anonymous. There are only 4 ppl that know those stories. I wasn;t arrested and who the fuck has never turned up pissed for work. And yes got turned over - and??? Mr perfect, what are you saying? Try saying it to me direct - Sandy, give him my email plz. I won't name you as you have me because I have integrity. But I know you by exclusion. Very very sad man.
I can stand up mate - can you??? I think not. You are full of shit so crawl back or face up!

Anonymous said...

Millions have never turned up pissed for work- getting pissed is for after work.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic loooooosers: Noel and co - hahaha - always in deep shit - the style of life they enjoy….go on keep loosing ‘wives’; money; time and … face… if you ever had one
Way to go!!! For u only

William Frederickson said...

'Anonymous' up above my comment-I salute your bravery...Well may you remain 'anonymous'because if I knwew who you were and I were in the Victim's shoes, then I would be extremely grumpy.Think Raoul Moat.Ass-hole.

Anonymous said...


William Frederickson said...

Not mad, matey, just extremely honest...You're not Paul 'Paedo' Lowe,are you?

Leon said...

Right fuck face - i know who you are. You will be contacted by your boss in about 2 hrs methinks.
If you want to criticise my life and call me by name then be man enough to sign yours. You're pathetic and you don't even know me.
Goodbye saddo - I don't get mad, I get even, your loss - your boss is going to be very unhappy with you.

leon said...

So Simon, found you and you won't get away from this as you are too stupid.
How's your russian teen bride to be, or don't you pay her any more?
It works two ways mate and I have friends that you will never have!
Btw, your boss is not happy with you - ha ha.
Cast the first stone mate - and you ain't got the balls...
see you soon - or someone will!

Raoul Moat said...

Leon,what's Simon's surname? Did he ever work for Windsor TEFL in the UK?

Anonymous said...

Very clever Adrian ANOTHER attempt at distraction/camofladge because I am getting close to your bunker

You really should be more CREATIVE in your choixce of personas and epithets I can see right through this

But then I had PARQUET and you had WOOLWORTHS LINO and that stays with a chap does it not

Clock is ticking on you and by the way its Glaister and the AKA brigade going down the fabled swanee before the bank holiday

Adios pajero

Shaun Ryder said...

What in the fookin' name of fookin' Christ is all this about?

Is it:
A load of fookin' ding-dongs sendin' coded messages to each other about 'ow they're goin' to make each other unemployed.

Thass 'ow I read it. Maybe it ain't that though, I carnt be sure.

But if it IS that, what about just takin' the followin' advice: GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

I mean, really, if iss about work then fookin' shut up: TEFL is such shite that you might well be a bunch of McTwats arguin' about who's goin' to 'ave the best burger cookin' job.

But if youse wants to 'ave a bum wiv each other (an' really it sounds like you do), then fookin' find a 'otel or a toilet an' do it there)

Coonts either way.

Anonymous said...

I was country manager for LS in Spain for a couple of years and my experience was good until it wasn't...
My deepest feelings for anyone that losses his wife and mother to his four kids. Heart breaking, no doubt.
However, the problem with the Internet is that you can drop all sorts of comments off and not even have to identify yourself. My name is Brendan Ryan and my mail is available upon request.
LS are, like most schools in MY opinion, shoody setups with no forward thinking. They are not culturally adapted to the countries they work in and tend to ignore those they employ who are supposed to cover this knowledge-gap. That was my personal experience. The reason I left was that I felt they were chancers and that having them on my CV was actually not a good thing for me.
I have met Crispin, worked with Julian and bumped into Mark in LS London.
I can honestly say that, although they are not on my Christmas list, they are good enough blokes. Especially Julian. If they are competent or not is a different story. If they are human enough to handle tricky situations is, again, a different kettle of fish. I haven't been there so...
I walked out on them after I realised that we just weren't on the same page. Julian hopped on a plane the same day and came to see me. I refused and he instructed the accounts guy to pay me off (he is now the country manager) which was unexpected. They could have told me to fuck off.
I now work for myself and have been shouldered by (perhaps) one of my ex colleauges/teachers on a shitty site that allows people to fuck you over by saying they have worked for you without having to prove it. The downside of the Internet. I have never employed anyone nor do I intend to. I have met some GREAT TEFL teachers and some real, authentic pieces of shit: drunkards, junkies, liars, thieves and blaggards.

I prefer to work for myself...

Very sorry for the loss.

Regards to all on this blog.

Simon said...

So Simon, found you and you won't get away from this as you are too stupid.
How's your russian teen bride to be, or don't you pay her any more?
It works two ways mate and I have friends that you will never have!
Btw, your boss is not happy with you - ha ha.
Cast the first stone mate - and you ain't got the balls...
see you soon - or someone will!


Sorry Noel, but that wasn't me.
Bit sad really this isn't it!
Anyway, nice of you to get personal on me, all I did was reply to your email saying that I wasn't interested in getting involved.
How's Kazakhstan treating you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the beautiful posts. This page is a testament to all the hard-working professionals who make TEFL what it is today.

For queen and cuntry!

British Council Paedophile.