Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A 'Crap Job!' is (hopefully) just for Christmas!

Does this job qualify for ‘Stinker of the Year’ status? I reckon it does – just take a look and see what Santa is offering on today, courtesy of The English Language Centre in York.

Permanent position for Diploma Qualified teacher with minimum 5 years experience in a private language school based in the centre of York. Teaching multinational adult groups. Experience of teaching IELTS/Academic English an advantage.

Minimum: Degree + Diploma/MA Applied Linguistics + 5 years' experience.

Well, it looks OK initially – clearly a ‘professional’ position, needing proper qualifications and a fair deal of experience. So, what sort of salary are they offering for this peach of a Tefl position in the heart of Yorkshire?

From £18,000 + 5 weeks holiday in addition to bank holidays.

Oh dear, oh dear. What shite - 350 quid a week for teaching 30 hours of IELTS and Academic English! AND they’d like an MA as well! That’s about the same salary in York as you’d get for being a chef in a pub, or selling fitted kitchens (look here for more exciting opportunities in the area!).

Anyway, I gave the school a ring, to give them a chance to defend themselves, but they’re all away on their Christmas break now. Such a shame, really … I was in the mood for giving a good slagging off.

Anyway, come January you could ring 01904 672243 and speak to Nick Milner, the unfortunate Director of Studies. Or you might consider calling this snidey-looking little c*nt (see photo alongside), a certain Mr MacDermot, the owner of the school, and tell him what a shyster he is.

Either way - have a very merry Christmas!


Acton Bell (Jnr.) said...

"snidey-looking little c*nt"? You're being far too generous, Sandy!

Shaun Ryder said...

Aye, that asterisk is a fookin' failure of will akin only to the design of the fookin' Millenium Dome. It diminishes us as a people, that fookin' asterisk-if the coont is a coont then call the coont a fookin' coont, yeah ?

The TEFL Tradesman said...

I guess you're right, Shaunie. I'm losing my edge, as my teeth have been blunted by so many promises of prosecution. But you're right, the guy probably is a right cunt, no two ways about it.

What we need is a reckless bugger like you to take over the mantle of The TEFL Tradesman. Ready for it, my man?!

And what's happened to the TEFL Blacklist these days? He's either done a bunk or been emasculated!

Anonymous said...

From today's Daily Mail - "The average salary is £25,100 before tax, but after deductions it shrinks to £19,126."

So the poor sucker who gets the job at YLC can look forward to a salary way, way below the UK average - below the after tax level even!

Shame on you, Mr Macdermot!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are missing something here. The advert stated FROM £18,000 and I happen to know that the person appointed who had the qualifications and experience required, is getting considerably more.
Incidentally the teachers at the ELC York teach 24 hours a week - not 30 hours.

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Thanks for putting me straight, mate. So, assuming the job is full-time, involving 35 - 40 hours of input per week, what is the hourly rate? Or the monthly salary? Still way below the national average, I would say - and this for a job that requires a degree, an advanced professional qualification, and several years of experience.

Shame on you fuckers!